Benson Mediation Service

Over the past 38 years, I have had the privilege to work with distinguished attorneys throughout Arkansas as I learned the trade and crafted my practice around civil litigation and domestic relations matters, including divorce, custody, and visitation. I am now proud to offer that experience to my colleagues, their clients, and the public as a Certified Civil and Domestic Relations Mediator and as an Access and Visitation Certified Mediator. Whether it is court-ordered or party-initiated, mediation offers a unique opportunity for the individuals or entities involved to have a hand in the outcome of their case and to make agreements, both standard and unique, that may not be available to them if the Court or a jury were to decide their case.

Should you need the assistance of a certified mediator for your civil lawsuit, your divorce action, or your custody and visitation action, please contact Joe Benson at Benson Mediation Service at or (479) 444-8000.